Best Special Broadband

The very best special broadband service (IMHO)

I have used special broadband for nearly 24 months now and lately made the swop towards the red-colored side.

From the moment M1 introduced the vodafone dongle for special broadband, I have been a customer when i actually need it for work however i visit the truly rural areas in Singapore and wireless@sg can not be found. Even today once the network is upgraded, I still think wireless@sg is overrated.

However, after i was attempting to research which Special broadband services a subscription to, I could not look for a proper full review.  adsl  Rather, I understood a lot of insight from a lot of sites and really was quite confused for some time. I have also had the chance to check the 3 special broadband services provider alongside while we are all doing exactly the same work.

This is exactly what I personally use my special broadband services for:

1) Email – Gmail via outlook express

2) Facebook

3) Youtube (about 3 hrs worth daily)

4) work research

5) streaming music

I am also virtually drenched on for around 12 hrs daily so I am a significant heavy user. This review doesn’t have control group or standardized testing. Rather, it had been carried out by daily usage and alongside comparison.

Go like a layman’s help guide to the very best special broadband service companies.


Weak signal in rural areas

erratic speeds

Constant disconnection problems (not because of hardware)

slow speeds ( came back 54kbps when I am subscriped to some 2Mbps plan)

A lot of other issues which i said excitedly regardless of the number of occasions they waived my subscription, it had not been likely to help because I am willing to cover something I’m able to use and never go I cant use free of charge.

Fantastic customer support, they constantly helped me smile. (it did not assist me to surf though)


decent surfing speed (that which you pay is what you’ll get)

Strong reference to some blind spots. (in a single test location, 2G connection from Singtel, no connection from M1, best 3rd generation connection from Starhub)

Lousy customer support. ( queued 2 hrs to use. CSO were built with a tired look and didnt look too happy. Not used to anybody smile. It had been a large difference after i walked into M1 to cancel my special broadband sub., The area felt all sunshiny. In comparison, Singtel felt just like a funeral)


decent surfing speed (determined by network and is erratic on wet days but generally stable)

Strong reference to some blind spots. broadband  (in a single test location, 2G connection from Singtel, no connection from M1, best 3rd generation connection from Starhub)

Did not reach connect to their CSO however it appears everybody are lousy.


To conclude, choose Singtel or starhub. Don’t even make use of M1. Despite a 50 gb cap on SIngtel, will still be sufficient that i can get my stuff done.

Hope this can help.